Factors Affecting Heart Disease

In order to have a healthy heart, it is important to keep note of the following factors affecting your heart health and reduce the chances of heart disease. Although your genetics can give you a predisposition to heart disease, maintaining a good lifestyle that adopts healthy habits can dramatically improve the health of your heart and bring about positive changes to your body.




pressure and overweight


One key factor that is known for affecting your health and increasing the chances of heart disease is stress. Excessive stress will raise our blood pressure and make our hearts beat faster than normal. Whether it be stress at home or at the workplace, maintaining a quality psychological state and trying to keep yourself from being in a state of stress for a long period is vital.

pressure and overweight


Being overweight is a direct cause of high blood pressure, as more blood is required to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body. Pressure is needed to move blood, and a higher pressure is related to an increased chance of heart attacks.

pressure and overweight

Lack of exercise

Everyone should have a regular exercise routine. A lack of exercise is one of the main risk factors affecting your chances of heart disease.

pressure and overweight


Smoking is a bad habit which can make your heart beat faster and lower the oxygen content in your blood. A well-known factor affecting your health as smoking can directly speed up vascular sclerosis and give a higher chance of developing heart disease.

pressure and overweight

Excessive alcohol consumption

Drinking too much alcohol can cause health problems like hypertension, cardiovascular disease and strokes.

pressure and overweight

High blood cholesterol

It is generally well known that a high cholesterol level can be a factor affecting the risk of heart disease. If the level of cholesterol in the blood exceeds normal levels, excess cholesterol will build up in your arteries and cause blockages.

pressure and overweight


High blood pressure can seriously affect your health. The higher pressure strains your heart and increases the chances of heart disease. You should check your blood pressure regularly to ensure that it remains at a healthy level.

pressure and overweight

Unhealthy dietary habits

An unhealthy diet should not be under emphasised when it comes to factors affecting heart disease. By maintaining a good diet and avoiding food that has high saturated fat and salt contents, you can lead a healthier life. Aim to eat foods that help lower your cholesterol levels like oatmeal, soy and other legumes instead.

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