How does Benecol® work?

Benecol® is a brand of clinically proven cholesterol lowering food products. These contain a unique natural ingredient, called Plant stanol ester. Supported by evidence from more than 70 studies, daily use of Benecol products effectively lowers* blood cholesterol in only two to three weeks.

Our bodies naturally make cholesterol and this represents around 80% of the cholesterol found in our blood. Certain foods we eat also contain cholesterol. The digestive tract is where some of this cholesterol gets recycled back into the bloodstream. Plant stanol ester works by safely blocking the uptake of cholesterol from our digestive tract. This means that far less cholesterol gets into the blood.

The cholesterol-lowering benefits of Plant stanol ester were recognised in 2009 as one of the 10 greatest discoveries in nutrition by an expert panel of international nutrition scientists.

It doesn't matter whether the cholesterol is from your food, or made in your body, the effect is the same. And because Plant stanol ester is not absorbed by the body, it is safe to use, even in the long-term.


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